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Will you pray for Kevin?

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Kevin's Story

Owner Kevin is a long-time friend of Dave OC and James Choy.  He is married with a young son entering Kindergarten next year.  Since 2013, Nabeya Maido has been Kevin's passion, heart and soul.  Kevin takes pride in preparing fresh ingredients and a variety of homemade broths daily for his famous Japanese hot pot. Kevin brings flavors into what is called "Way of the Nabe" directly from Japan.  Born and raised in Hawaii, Kevin spent many years in Osaka where he ran an Izakaya and perfected his craft of Japanese hospitality and attention to quality and detail. The only thing larger than the taste in Kevin's hot pot is his heart.

Kevin's Prayer Request

A quick end to the crisis and for everyone to find something each day to laugh and smile about.

Bless: Kevin Nabeya Maido
bronson clay.jpg


Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha (HOPA)

Uncle Clay & Bronson's Story

Owner “Uncle Clay” has been serving East Oahu residents and tourists local treats since 1996 with his friendly smile and welcoming heart. In 2010 nephew Bronson joined the businesses and the two have reinvented themselves as a Hawaii treats shop selling local flavored shave ice, ice cream, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and acai bowls.  HOPA is the modern day “crack seed” store building community, smiles, and the aloha spirit with every member customer, come member of their 'ohana.

Will you pray for

Bronson & Uncle Clay?

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Uncle Clay & Bronson's Prayer Request

HOPA has never been more challenged.  The future is uncertain as we fight to survive through this crisis.  We ask to remain healthy, the strength to persevere, the insights to act wisely, and the kindness to serve Pure Aloha to our community, that all these things may be given to Uncle Clay, Bronson, and all team members of HOPA.  We ask that the community supports HOPA in this time of need and all business relationships are productive and supportive.  

Bless1: Bronson & Uncle Clay
Sam Natalie photo.jpeg

Will you pray for

Sam & Natalie?

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Sam & Natalie's Story

Sam and Natalie Suiter have over 25 years of experience in the industry and over 3 years of experience raising their daughter.  When they’re not parenting God’s gift to their family, Sam and Natalie pour (pun intended) themselves into sourcing, roasting, and serving the finest Hawaii-grown coffees available.  It’s a passion that they’ve been sharing with Hawaii since 2014. The Suiters have trademarked the phrase, “Aloha In Every Cup®” which represents the love that goes into making a high quality and uniquely flavored coffee served by specially-trained Baristas.  In their downtown location they also make homemade baked items, breakfast, and lunch (Locations: Downtown Honolulu, Alohilani Resort, Hyatt Waikiki).

Sam & Natalie's Prayer Request

For The health and rejuvenation of Hawaii and our country. For all to know that God is here for every one of us.

Bless1: Kai Coffee
Gayla photo1.jpeg



Gayla's Story

After graduating from Kaimuki high school Gayla spent two decades working in Hollywood alongside A-list actors in photography, Marketing, and branding before she returned to her local roots in Kaimuki to found Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery in 2016.  Pipeline makes baked goods from scratch just like Grandma used to make with love and aloha.  Famous for her malasadas and cake bombs, Gayla honors her Native Hawaiian heritage by infusing aloha in everything she does and never using artificial food coloring or added preservatives.  Her four-legged co-founders Avery and Molly will have you barking for more.

Will you pray for Gayla?

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Bakeshop & Creamery

Gayla's Prayer Request

Please help all the local small businesses in Kaimuki.

Bless1: Gayla
Bless1: Cory & Loke
Cory Loke.jpg

Will you pray for

Cory & Loke?


Cory & Loke



Cory & Loke's Story

Cory’s first gig was opening for the Mana`o Company when he was 14 years old and from that moment he knew that music was always going to be part of his life.  Over the years he honed his craft at grandma’s backyard pa`inas in Salt Lake with the cousins.  At 19, Cory was a regular at the Sheraton Waikiki while he completed his Communications & Public Relations degree at HPU.  In 2001 Cory & Loke married and performed together in Waikiki and soon after began leading worship at several Oahu churches.  Today, they have 3 beautiful children and Loke takes care of home base as Cory works at Kamehameha Schools and continues to gig 4-5 days a week, at least until COVID-19.  Nearly half of the family’s income came from Cory’s solo gigs.  Recently, they now perform together on Facebook Live!  There are even cameo appearances by their 12-year old daughter who sings beautifully just like Mom!

Cory & Loke's Prayer Request

It would be a dream to be able to make a living playing music for healing, e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, and for churches whose worships teams need a break. Pray that the joy of music would continue to fill the Oliveros family.

Bless: Shimazu
Kody Kalyn.jpg

Will you pray for

Kody & Kalyn?

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Shimazu Store



Kalyn's Story

For over 13 years Kalyn ran her own child care business, being the “daytime mom” to 3-month olds up to 4 year-old toddlers.  That all changed in January 2012 when her long-time friend Kelvin Shimazu called her to help him and his 20-something son Kendall with his iconic shave ice & snacks store in Nuuanu as he was battling cancer.  When Kelvin passed away in July 2013 he asked his long-time friend to promise him that she would help Kendall run the business and honor his legacy after he passed.  It’s a promise Kalyn has kept to this day.  In April 2017 she took over full ownership of the Nuuanu Shimazu Store as Kendall went on to run the Kapahulu store co-located with Rainbow’s Drive Inn.  “I love our customers.  Shave ice makes people happy.  It reminds me of my childhood growing up in Hawaii.”  What Shimazu’s flavor makes Kalyn happy?  Banana Vanilla.  Pickled Mango.  “It’s always on the menu.”  She continues to care for this “baby” with her son Kody, honoring a promise to a friend and perpetuating the legacy of Shimazu’s shave ice in our local culture.

Kalyn's Prayer Request

Please pray for everyone to stay safe and healthy, and to heal those who are sick.  Please give our leaders the knowledge to guide us on the path to ending this pandemic.  And most of all pray for us to love one another.




Yuka's Story

In 2008, Yuka Nawano took over the business from the original Eggs 'N Things founders, Jan and Jerry Fukunaga, who, as a husband and wife team, started the restaurant in 1974. At that time, Yuka hired the original employees, brought in some new leadership, and then opened on Saratoga Road in Waikiki.  Eggs 'N Things has since expanded to four Oahu locations and a location in Guam. Yuka's focus is to continue Jan and Jerry's motto of "serving quality food and the spirit of aloha."  

Yuka's Prayer Request

Will you pray for


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Eggs 'N Things

That the company can maintain most, if not all its employees, and also be able to continue to help give opportunities to people who have been incarcerated or through rehab programs. 

Bless: Eggs 'N Things

Will you pray for


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Onda Pasta



Andrea's Story

Andrea Onetti’s passion is to provide quality food at an affordable price. He’s not looking to become a millionaire, but is just a classic immigrant trying to give his daughter better opportunities than he had. Andrea is originally from Rome and studied pizza there. He went on to study culinary arts in Seattle before moving to Hawaii in late 2011. He got a job at the restaurant Prima as pizzaiolo when it was 3 weeks away from opening. On March 4th, 2012, he did his first farmers market as Onda Pasta. He took a break in 2017, but has been back in Hawaii since 2019, once again providing the community with the fresh, authentic pasta they had fallen in love with. Though Andrea usually offers weekly special prepared plates at various farmer’s markets, during this time, he has his famous packaged pasta to cook at home and homemade sauces available.

Andrea's Prayer Request

For those in need.

Bless: Onda Pasta
Bless: Made in Hope

Will you pray for

Peter & Chris?

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Made in Hope (Wailuku, Maui)



Chris' Story

Chris Kanemura’s namesake Made in Hope Café in Wailuku, Maui lives up to its name by providing a safe and family-friendly respite for the community from life’s daily grind.  It’s a place where Chris and business partner Peter have created an environment for people to enjoy one of their famous acai bowls or boba drink while playing a favorite board game.  Founded in 2017, Made in Hope Café financially supports the non-profit that Chris founded with the same name in 2011 to provide victims of human trafficking a new start in life and to increase the awareness and elimination of human exploitation worldwide.  Today, the adjacent Made in Hope Ministry Center hosts overnight church groups and ministry and sports teams of 30-35 people.  Chris left a successful corporate career in web development in pursuit of a life intersecting business and having a direct impact on improving lives.  Entrepreneur Chris is also the new owner of iconic local Japanese confectionary Fujiya Hawaii.  Chris and his family are highly motivated to perpetuate the iconic Fujiya brand and have embarked upon an ambitious plan to restart this 67 year-old local company, one of the last of its kind in Hawaii.

Chris' Prayer Request

Strength and endurance.  To be able to provide for the team and to continue to give all the credit to God.  Please pray that the Maui community can feel the hope that comes from Christ when they visit Made in Hope.

Bless: Le Family



Andrew & Alex's Story

Hale ‘Aina award winners Andrew and Alex Le grew up helping their parents at their collectibles shop, Toys ‘N Joys in Kaimuki. Today, Andrew and Alex are still all about sticking together as a family as they, along with their mother Loan and Andrew’s wife Teri, run the well-known The Pig & The Lady in Chinatown (open since 2013) and its shoot-offs: Piggy Smalls, their Farmer’s Market pop-ups, and catering services. Many of their dishes come from their mother’s original Vietnamese street food recipes. The Les truly operate as a family in all they do, considering their employees - many of whom have been with them for a very long time - a big part of their family. 

Will you pray for

the Le Family?

Order from

The Pig & The Lady /

Piggy Smalls

The Le's Prayer Request

For protection over our family & business and employees, and healing for our community. Before the lockdown, we employed 100+ workers at both @pigandthelady and @piggysmallshawaii. We are now entering our 6th week of takeout service only with a barebones crew. We have applied for SBA and PPP loans through the CARES act. To say it's been rough is an understatement. The layoffs have been incredibly heartbreaking and the constant back office strategies to bring most of our incredible staff back have been extremely difficult, especially with the horizon still unclear. We love our team, our patrons and diners, and this incredible industry and community. This gives us fuel to fight and adapt once SIP ends. However, we are fully aware that it will take time for people to return to our previous daily life.




Chris' Story

Born and raised in Honolulu, Chris Sy took his first restaurant job the summer before leaving for college and was instantly hooked. He spent the next four years dreaming about life in the kitchen, neglecting his studies and cooking lavish meals for his roommates. Upon graduation, Chris begged his way into a legendary restaurant in Chicago and the rest is history. He’s cooked around the world and also here at Chef Mavro and Town before opening Breadshop in 2016. Breadshop’s motto is “established daily,” and it is reflected in everything they do. Chris’ products are baked and sold the day they are made, and at the end of the day, any unsold product is donated to a local food pantry.

Will you pray for


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Chris' Prayer Request

For patience, compassion, and the continued health of our community. 

Bless: Breadshop



Miller's Story

Miller Royer, Chinatown's ice cream master & owner of Wing Ice Cream, opened his shop in 2013. His desire in starting his very first business endeavor was to help improve the neighborhood that he grew up in and be able to share Chinatown’s charms with others. Growing up, he noticed that there were no ice cream parlors in the neighborhood, and after learning the skill of making ice cream, he realized that it was a niche he could fill. Miller is known for his very adventurous original flavors like Cheese Pizza, Maui Onion & Sour Cream, and Hurricane Popcorn, and finds flavor inspiration from just about anywhere. 

Will you pray for


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Wing Ice Cream

Miller's Prayer Request

For everyone to be safe so this will be over soon.

Bless: Wing Ice Cream
Bless: The Curb
The Curb Crew.png

Will you pray for

Devin & Ross?

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The Curb



Devin's Story

Devin and Ross Uehara-Tilton took over The Curb coffee shop in Kaimuki in 2018 after its previous owner decided to close the shop's four locations. The previous owner, who actually started The Curb from a truck, decided to allow Devin to take over the business and keep The Curb alive, glad to be leaving it in the hands of someone whom he had trained himself, as Devin had been a barista there since 2014. Devin and Ross have since given The Curb a fresh look in a new space while maintaining its commitment to quality coffee and service. They, along with the rest of The Curb's crew love learning about coffee – from origin, to producers, to roasters, and do their best to honor that process from seed to cup. They are thrilled to serve an ever-growing and ever-changing community and to provide opportunities, happiness, and respect to all those that enter their café. Their hope is that the "coffee we prepare will prepare our customers for whatever is ahead." The Curb is also dedicated to supporting all of their small business neighbors in Kaimuki and helping their community through these times.

Devin's Prayer Request

For protection and resilience for Kaimuki small businesses.




Pablo's Story

Originally from Argentina, Ganesh Dosa owner Pablo Muller learned how to make dosa while living at a meditation retreat in upstate New York. Dosa is an Indian crepe made of fermented rice and lentils. The dosa at Ganesh Dosa is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Will you pray for


Order from

Ganesh Dosa

Pablo's Prayer Request

We pray for everyone to become strong, healthy, happier and full of peace within their communities. We pray that everyone can see the beauty of life even in the most difficult situation. 

Bless: Ganesh Dosa
Kumi and Kevin-1.JPG

Will you pray for


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Waikiki Tea House



Kumi's Story

Waikiki Tea House opened a year ago, fulfilling owner Kumi Iseki Romaniszyn and her co-dreamers' vision to have a quiet retreat amidst the Waikiki bustle where people could stop and rest and enjoy a simple yet elegant afternoon tea. Kumi also owns the Wasabi Bistro in Waikiki and has been a restauranteur in several places across the US over the years. Waikiki Tea House is a tea-lover's dream with its selection of Hawaii-made teas and house-made tea specialties (coffees too!). Their local-made teas, coffees, jams and butters are also available for purchase and make great omiyage. Additionally, and more commonly known, Waikiki Tea House is home to the only place in Hawaii where the world-famous Lady M delicacies can be found. A trip to New York is no longer necessary in order to experience the creme de la creme of mille crepes cakes! (Lady M is owned and run by Kumi's son Ken, whose headquarters are in NYC.) 

Kumi's Prayer Request

For everyone during this time, for those directly and indirectly affected by Covid-19.

Bless: Waikiki Tea House

Will you pray for

Mark & Joy?

Watch Mark's Show

Sleightly Mental



Mark & Joy's Story

Mark and Joy Mauricio have been married for 26 years, and have 3 children (Landon, and twins Logan & Elise).

Mark is a magician who doesn’t like to “fool” people, but who would rather “fuel” people. Fuel their imagination, fuel their creativity, and let them know that “Nothing’s Impossible”… especially with God. He uses the word MAGIC as an acronym for difficulties in life: Make A God Inspired Choice.

Doing something that he is truly passionate about, especially together with his family, is truly a blessing from God for Mark. By sharing an inspirational message during each performance, Mark and his family have a desire to spread joy and hope to everyone they meet. 

The Marucios have been performing professionally at the Hale Koa Hotel for the past 16 years. In their earlier years, Mark was the headliner, Joy was his lovely assistant, and their sons performed small segments in their dinner show called Magic in Paradise. Over the last 2 years, they have since changed their repertoire to have a more intimate setting in which Mark is still the headliner, but with the rest of the family instead running the tech behind the scenes in their intimate-interactive show called Magic on the Rocks.

Mark has been performing non-stop everywhere from his weekly hotel shows to corporate conventions, but his last “live” performance in front of an audience was in March - almost 7 months without a single show. Luckily, he still has a regular 9-5 job that helps make ends meet, but their family has definitely felt the loss of that second income.

Always the innovative thinker, Mark has reinvented his show once again to provide his same style of entertainment, but this time through online venues (such as Zoom). Since it’s difficult performing magic effects to a virtual audience, Mark is now focusing more on visual sleight-of-hand magic and interactive mentalism effects. He aptly calls this new show SLEIGHTLY MENTAL (a little play on words without being offensive).

Mark & Joy's Prayer Request

For Mark's new style of performance to have the same effect as his previous shows. He knows that the monetary income will not compare to what he was receiving just 7 months ago, but his passion continues to be to simply spread joy, hope, and the realization that nothing’s impossible… especially with God. The extra income will also help, but another prayer request is that he and his family continue to give praise and glory to God… no matter the circumstance. Because He is the true provider!

Bless: Mark Mauricio

Will you pray for

David & Denise?

Purchase David's

new album



David's Story

David has been involved in music his entire life, growing up in a very musical family. His parents were both musicians and David grew up playing music in church. He started playing music here in Hawaii in 1999, first at David Paul's Diamond Head Grill, then at the Ilikai, the Halekulani, and has now been at the Kahala Hotel for the past 15 years. David has been married to his wife Denise for 35 years and they have two adult sons. David and his family attended Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church where he and Pastor Mark became friends. During this challenging year, David began to read his Bible and write short prayers that he put to music and posted for people to use. From there, God led him to turn them into songs. David has created an album with these songs that will be available for download on Apple Music, Spotify, and his website (presently under construction): God has blessed David with a real gift of music that he loves to share with others.

David's Prayer Request

For protection and healing of health concerns for himself and his wife Denise. They are both high-risk in terms of the pandemic. David and Denise are also caregivers for an aunty who is 97 years old, who is a blessed part of their household. Business-wise, please pray for God’s blessing on his new album and for His provision during this challenging time.

Bless: David Swanson
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