We would like to invite you to something that will transform your family. We are starting a Family Ekklesia Time, as a part of a new wineskin God is leading us, to build upon what we did as a church in our Sunday School program. God is calling us to is to empower parents and every family to view themselves as an ekklesia and to grow to be an active part of the God-powered, world-changing entity God intended His family, the Church, to be.


We are the “ekklesia.”

“Ekklesia” is a Greek word that is often translated into English as “church.” When we think of the word, church, we often see church as a building, a weekly worship service, or an organized group of people meeting together. But if you look at the beginnings of the church in the book of Acts, you will see it is so much more! The word, ekklesia, literally means, “to call out,” and as a noun, it means, “called out ones.” The church, or “ekklesia” is really who we are. As followers of Christ, we have been called out to be His disciple. In a very true sense, we have been called out to be the family of God. Whether a large group, a small group or even as an individual, the “ekklesia” is who we are!

A New Wineskin: Every family is an “ekklesia.”

It is so important for a family to grow in their love for God (the Greatest Commandment), their love for another and others (the second Greatest Commandment), and their love for those in the world (the Great Commission). A significant privilege and responsibility of parents is raising their children to grow in these vital areas. In other words, to disciple their children.


What is Family Ekklesia Time?

Starting in August, we will be inviting every family unit, to take steps to be the “ekklesia” God has called us all to be and engage in what we are calling, “Family Ekklesia Time.” Family Ekklesia Time is a regular time a family gathers to spend time with God, in His Word, every day. We have put a three-month schedule, that starts on August 1, for families to go through the book of Proverbs and utilize the “S-W-A-P” outline and journal.

Resources for Your Family Ekklesia Time 




Fact Sheet


Schedule - Book of Proverbs










Kawaguchis Share Their Experience 

Proverbs by Bible Project

An Exciting Invitation

We would like to invite every single family to engage in our “Family Ekklesia Time” starting on August 1st. This is the beginning of a new wineskin for seeing our children discipled. This is the beginning of a new wineskin for seeing discipleship taking place in every home. We would like to invite individuals to gather others and engage in our “Family Ekklesia Time.” We are all members of the family of God. Will you take this step of faith and engage in this? We are asking families and individuals to register their families and groups through a link on our website. The purpose is to keep track of how many family units are engaging with this and to pray for all the families.


I really hope and pray that all of our families and also individuals in groups, would engage in this new wineskin. Let’s all pray that we would be a church that answers our call to reach and disciple future generations!!!


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