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Psalm 91
Connecting with God

You can connect with God in various ways; but using S-O-A-P is a way to connect with God in the Bible. The SOAP method was designed by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. You can read all about it in his book The Divine Mentor.  Click below for a quick guideline: "How to Connect with God in the Bible using S-O-A-P."

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Bible Reading PLAN

Join us as we read through the bible in a year while reading five times a week. Download the Five-Day Bible Reading Program and join us as we read through God's word, seek to know Him more, and watch God change us through His living word. 

Bible Reading Plan
The Lord's Prayer
the lord's prayer

As we seek the Lord and seek to connect with Him, join us as regularly pray through the Lord's Prayer using this guide. 

Click link below to take you to this guide.

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