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In the midst of all the challenges we are facing today, God is here and is inviting us to experience Him in deeper and more personal way than we are presently experiencing. He is inviting us to experience an intimate relationship through which we recognize His voice and understand His presence and will for our lives.

 Engaging in this campaign will help you:

  • Know when God is speaking to you.

  • Recognize God’s activity around you.

  • Adjust your life to God and His ways.

  • Identify what God wants to do through you.

  • Respond to God’s activity in your life.

 In this campaign, we will grow in our love and relationship with God through our Weekly Broadcasts and engaging in the Experiencing God Workbook throughout the week. We will grow in our love and relationship with each other through weekly Zoom Ekklesia Groups (small groups) and/or Family Ekklesia Groups. You really don’t want to miss this twelve week transformational campaign.

Getting Started

Get off to a great start. Click on the link below and check out these resources. 

More Resources

Click on the links below and check out these resources. 

Memorize Scripture

Seven Realities Visual Poster

Experiencing God Children's Workbook


Unit Posters

Memorize Scripture.jpg

Hey Kids!

Join our contest and

let's meditate on God's word 

day and night and see how many verses we can memorize. Click the link below to learn more about the Rules & Prizes, and also to download the entry form.

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