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A Very Special Blessing This Sunday

One of the personal blessings I have received as we sought to bless others through our “Bless A Business” project, is getting to know Cory and Loke Oliveros. Over the years, I have been blessed by the gift of worship God has given to them. In the very short time of getting to know them, I have been truly blessed by their heart to follow Jesus and commitment to trust Him in all things.

This coming Sunday, May 17, we will have the blessing of having Cory and Loke lead worship for our service. I want to encourage you to join us in worshiping our amazing God together as we continue in the book of Psalms. I want to encourage you to welcome the Oliveros into your hearts and homes as they lead us into the presence of Almighty God. We are all going to have a wonderful and anointed time on Sunday. God shows up in powerful ways when His family chooses to worship Him and seek Him in His Word. I want to also encourage you to pray for God’s provision and leading as they continue to trust and seek Him. So please join us on Sunday at and let’s not stop inviting others to tune in and find God. There are many people all around us who are searching for answers and help. Some who are in very stressful situations, uncertain where to get help from. We all know that our God is faithful and He’s where our help comes from. Let’s share that good news with everyone we know. I’m praying that we would see over 300 people subscribed to our YouTube channel by the end of May. Wouldn’t that be awesome? It would be so awesome to me because that means more people will have the opportunity to experience the love of God for themselves. Would you take a step of faith and keep sharing and inviting people to join us? Let’s pray for a very special service on Sunday. Pray for Cory and Loke as they lead us in worship. You can find more information about the Oliveros on our Bless page at While you are there, take a step of faith to pray, promote and patronize all the business. See you all on Sunday, Mark


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