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Meeting Needs


God is so good! I hope you are all experiencing the goodness and nearness of God! I am so excited to hear of families and individuals who are joining me in reading the Psalms every day. Eric and Tiffany Kawaguchi are going through the Psalms every day and has shared how it has been a huge blessing! Way to go, Kawaguchis!

Nothing excites me more than seeing people taking steps of faith. Something I often share is Prayer Evangelism, which is found in Luke 10. In this passage we see four steps we can all take every day to share the love and good news of Jesus with the world around us. First, we pray blessings on those around us, which is so simple yet so powerful! Then we build relationships with people, whether it be neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, teammates or just people we bump into. As we build relationships, we discover needs that people may have and we pray and minister, asking God to meet their needs. How powerful it would be if we all had eyes to see the needs of people around us and asked God to meet their needs, by His power and our willingness to allow God to use us. Then finally, when people see what God is doing, we share the good news of Jesus, that He came to die for their sins and to be their Savior.  My prayer is that we would all make Prayer Evangelism a regular and natural part of our lives.

Mari Shimabukuro, one of our high schoolers who attends Moanalua High School, saw a need during this challenging time we are all experiencing. She saw the shelves at the Food Bank critically empty. Mari decided to allow God to use her to meet the needs of those who are really struggling. So, Mari is organizing a Food Drive! She is asking everyone she knows, including all of us at KCF and everyone we know, to please drop off some food for our neighbors in need. Mari, along with other volunteers, will be collecting your donations with smiles on their faces, curbside at our KCF Office,705 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96813, on Saturday, June 27thfrom 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Would you please support Mari as she does a “small thing with great love” collecting food for the Hawaii Food Bank? I believe her goals is 1,000 lbs. of food. So please mark your calendar,Saturday, June 27th, Food Drive. Let this be an encouragement to all of us that we can make a difference and take steps to share the good news of Jesus with everyone.




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